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“In a recent survey by NCI contractors, most units were found to operate at 57% of their intended performance”
So you’ve has the same heating and air contractor out a dozen times but your HVAC unit still isn’t working correctly, you have areas of the house with comfort problems, rooms that are constantly hotter or cooler than the others, and your energy bills are through the roof. Maybe you just installed a new Furnace or Heat Pump and you're not experiencing the energy savings you expected.   Don’t worry, you are in the right place.  We offer NCI certified CoolMaxx/HeatMaxx performance tests and repair services; the best in the industry.
The end goal: To get you the best comfort, indoor air quality, and performance for your money.          
 Comfort Complaints
      Whats is the cost of comfort?  Often times we see HVAC contractors oversize units to make up for issues in the Building Envelope (like air infiltration, poor insulation, etc).  Maybe your unit isn’t operating to its fullest efficiency or you have leakage in your ductwork that is serving  areas of the house that never seem to heat or cool properly.  Whatever your issue, you can be assured it will be resolved once, and for all.  We don't drift through your home palcing our hand over vents  or guessing.  We use highly sophisticated diagnostic tools that help address the problem.  Remember your house is a system, don't you want a contractor who looks at your problems wholistically?
Free In Home Consultation & Estimates
Duct Sealing
   In our experience, we find that most homeowners duct systems, the part of your HVAC system Duct Leakage under an IR camera
responsible for delivering the heated or cooled air, leaks between 15-35% of the intended air meant to reach your home!  The biggest problem we see is the installation of High Efficiency or high "SEER" rated units to poor performing, leaky ductwork. For more information on why duct sealing is important click here to download the Energy Star Duct Sealing Brochure.  Duct Testing is an integral part of our Home Energy Assessment/Audit process but can also be done as a stand alone service.   The problem with duct leakage is that it not only costs you money in the form of high energy bills, but also sacrifices comfort and negatively affects your Indoor Air Quality. 

Testing is done at $199 per HVAC system.

HeatMaxx/CoolMaxx Certified Units

   Your home heating and cooling system (HVAC) may not be delivering the comfort and efficiency you're   paying for.  During a survey by NCI contractors it was found that most units only deliver 57% of their intended efficiency.  HeatMaxx and CoolMaxx reports provide a preliminary snapshot of your comfort system's delivered  performance.  Then we begin with a second test, written scope of work and estimate to get your system operating to its maximum efficiency.  Typical duration of a performance test is 20-45 minutes.

                       Starting at $ 99/unit
     Now that we’ve fine tuned your unit, have it operating at peak efficiency, you need to maintain it.  Inquire with us about a preventative maintenance program in addition to replacing your unit.  In addition we have affiliates who can do repair and replacement of units.
HVAC Sizing/Load Calculation for replacing units (Manual J & D Load Calculations)
     In the words of ACCA: A quality installation begins with a professional design.  One of the most common issues when replacing an HVAC unit in an existing home or installing a new unit in New Construction is not properly sizing the unit or performing a Manual J “Load Calculation”.  Load Calculations take the buildings current characteristics and the “load” that the building incurs in order to heat and cool your home (in the simplest terms).  When one doesn’t consider the buildings characteristics like window types, air leakage, duct sizing and leakage, insulation levels, etc you can undersize or is most cases oversize a unit resulting in increased costs to operate, reduced life of the unit, and potential moisture, mold issues.  Load calculations can save you thousands of dollars by not paying for an oversized unit. For more information from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) click here.
How are your services different from my current HVAC contractor?
 We are certified by the National Comfort Institute (NCI) a leader in "home performance" contracting.  Our HVAC diagnostics certification through NCI is unparalled in the industry and gives us the capability s to get to the root of your problem.  Couple that with our "house as system" approach and you no longer have an HVAC contractor, you have a home performance contractor.  Someone who has the tools and the knowledge to diagnose issues and provide the solutions.  You simply cannot find our level of knowledge and holistic approach anywhere else.
What if my HVAC contractor says I don't need a "Manual J load calculation"?
Not only is your HVAC contractor not applying best practices, he isn't following code.  All installations should have a load calculation done.  Request it and you will more than likely get one.  The value of having an independent 3rd party can save you thousands of dollars.